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Freedom Melter. Very little oxidation in the holding chamber. Almost no cleaning (only once or twice a year)! Modern’s Non-Oxidation Furnace Freedom™
Oxides thrive in environments with residual oxygen and high temperatures.

With Freedom™, the concentration of the residual oxygen in the holding chamber is controlled within 2% or less. (Target 1%). Developing oxides do not flourish because the molten metal can be held at a low, consistent, temperature of1418°F in a reduced residual oxygen atmosphere.

inside of furnace
INSIDE OF FURNACE (without cleaning for 6 months)

1/8” to 3/16” oxide film forms on the molten metal surface which does not harden so the adhered dross on the furnace wall can be easily removed when required.


Maintain clean molten metal without special treatment

less oxide formation
  • Reduces impurities due to less oxide formation (K mold method, Ranked A (K value<0.1)) *1
  • Lower ambient temperatures in the furnace and lower hydrogen gas absorption to the molten metal as result of the oxide blanket formed on the metal surface. (0.2cc/100gAI or less) *2
  • Reduced temperature fluctuations in the metal bath. This is driven by the independent holding and melting chambers. This enables the holding temperature to be kept within plus/minus 3°F. *3

Save energy and improve the melting materials yield

  • Freedom™ burners reduces the burden on the melting chamber because molten metal flows into the holding chamber at the same temperature as the bath. *4
  • Little to no cleaning of the holding chamber is required and less aluminum loss is realized by the formation of the dross blanket. Freedom™ achieves a melting yield of 99% or more because of higher melting efficiency with less unmelted metal. *5


furnace structure and burner

Independent control for melting and holding chambers

In a conventional stack melting furnace, exhaust gas from the holding chamber is discharged to the stack through the melting chamber. This leads to melt chamber inefficiencies because the holding chamber air is typically lower in temperature than the melt chamber.

This is the same situation as heating a room with the window open. At the same time, melt chamber exhaust can mix with the holding chamber environment introducing oxygen and increasing the potential for dross formation.

In Freedom™, the holding chamber is independent and separated from the melting chamber. Outside air does not inflow to the holding chamber and this furnace can operate "with the window shut". As a result, exhaust gases do not mutually combine.

This allows the oxygen concentration in the holding chamber to stay consistently low. Finally, aluminum dross which develops in the melting chamber does not flow to the holding chamber because of an engineered trap between the holding and melting chambers.

Adoption of flat flame burners

Adoption of flat flame burners

The flat flame burner utilizes the radiant heat of the flat flame burners heating to heat the molten metal

Radiant heating results in no direct flame impingement to molten metal allowing lower bath temperatures.


The first unit began operation on August 2016. 59 units are operating worldwide.

Adoption of a highly efficient burner in the melting chamber

conventional burner Modern’s Non-Oxidation Furnace Freedom™

(Target: 1.0% or less for residual oxide content, 1.05 or less for air ratio)

Oxide loss is drastically reduced because the gas is combusted to almost perfect combustion.

This results in reducing oxide loss significantly in the melting chamber.

Highly efficient burder

Blowers for the melting and holding burners are separated and independent

The amount of combustion air piping is reduced by placing the blower with the burner, which results in layout flexibility and easier maintenance work.