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Molten Metal Handling / Foundry Ladles

Molten Metal Handling
Built to Last.

Since we designed the first molten metal handling device and started the Modern Pouring Device Company in 1919, we’ve served the foundry industry with ladle equipment that’s built to last. Modern Equipment Company, Inc. has a solid history of designing manufacturing and servicing foundry ladles and molten metal handling systems for our customers across the world.

From Day 1 to today, our heritage has been to offer products that customers can count on, day after day, month after month, year after year. For dependable metal handling systems, thinkmodern.
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Fluid Powered Pouring Device

Fluid Powered Pouring Device

Model HDC (Hydraulic Pouring Device)

Let Hydraulics Help The Pouring
Transports molten metal in a ladle from the melter to the molds, on or off synchronized conveyor lines or pallets. Traverses by trolley on a monorail or crane. Lifts and lowers hydraulically with electric push button control.

Covered Tapered Ladle

Series 1000 Covered, Tapered Ladles

No.1 Type (Lever) Shanks.

Covered tapered ladle with No. 1 type lever shank and detachable ball.

Series 1000 ladles, with number 1 shanks, are recommended for pouring small castings. When these ladles are used in combination with MODERN Pouring Devices a highly efficient, one-man operation is realized. When crane hook eye is desired for use with chain hoist or crane, the crane hook eye must be specified.

Detachable bail construction quickly releases the ladle for relining and preheating. Also this detachable feature permits quick interchange ability with spare ladles.

Savings effected through the delivery of hotter metal quickly offset the small, additional investment in ladles of covered design. Rear stop ...

Open Tapered Ladle

Series 1010 Tapered Open Ladles

No.1 Type (Lever) Shanks.

Open tapered ladle with No. 1 type lever shank, roller bearing trunnions and detachable bail.

Series 1010, open ladles are commonly used for pouring light and medium weight castings. Pouring lips on both sides permit alternate, right and left hand pouring. The action, with No.I shank, is direct, fast and sensitive under the positive control of the operator.

A major advantage of the tapered ladle is the gaining of maximum clearance between ladle and mold where molds are set up closely together. Also the tapered design facilitates removal of the lining.

Detachable bail construction quickly releases the ladle for relining and preheating. Also, this detachable feature permits quick ...

Geared, Covered Tapered Ladle

Series 1080 Geared, Covered, Tapered Ladles

Geared, covered tapered ladle with square bail.

Modern series 1080 ladles with their worm and worm wheel gearings reduce the operator's work to a minimum.

Further increasing the highly efficient, high production capacity of the ladles described and illustrated here are MODERN, detachable, pull-back covers. The small, additional investment inladles of covered design quickly is liquidated by the improved quality of hotter metal poured.

Covers, which help to deflect heat away from the ladle operators, readily are detached to ease the task of lining both covers and ladle bowls.

Covers are shipped fully lined.

Tapered bowl design affords maximum clearance between ladle and mold where molds are set-up closely ...

Geared Open Tapered Ladle

Series 1090 Geared, Open Tapered Ladles

Geared open tapered ladle with double pouring lips.

These open ladles have double lips for pouring either left or right as mold and sprue locations may require. Worm and worm wheel gearings reduce the operator’s work to a minimum. Various size hand wheels are available to meet conditions in varying foundry practice. Geared ladles maintain minute control over metal release and cut-off at the molds. Ladle tilting torque is effectively transmitted from the gearing to trunnion stubs and shank ring to minimize bowl distortion and lengthen ladle life. Open ladles are typically furnished with a heat shield fixed to the underside of the bail to aid in deflecting heat away from the crane hook eye and hoist hook. Trunnion housings effectively ...

Geared, Teapot Ladle

Series 1160 Open, Straight-Sided Ladles

Quick Detachable Teapot Spouts

Geared, teapot ladle with quick detachable spout.

Ladles with teapot spouts, as used most commonly by steel foundaries, pour clean, hot metal through the lower opening of the spout while slag is held back. Applications cn;e not restricted to either distributing or poming. Teapot ladles are used for catching the metal transferring and pouring directly into the molds.

In the quick-detachable design, shown at the right, the lower portion of the spout is fixed to the ladle. The remaining, upper portion of the spout is removable in sections. Removing a few bolts releases the spout sections for easy handling while lining is being repaired or renewed. Lining in the bowl is not distributed when ...

Precision Bottom Pour Ladles

Series 1170 Precision Bottom Pour Ladles

Bottom pour ladles provide slag-free metal and are applicable for pouring both light and heavy work.

Design of the bottom-pour, rectangular, slide mechanism insures positive control over the flow of metal. With a housing, enclosing the machined rack and pinion, all moving parts are protected from foundry dirt, slag and sparks which tend to gum-up ordinary; open slides. The entire assembly remains clean. Manual fixtures, incorporated in the design, lock both the gooseneck and stop-per rod in their accurately, adjusted position. The entire mechanism is hinge mounted to the ladle bowl to permit ready adjustment of the stopper rod in its vertical alignment to permit ready adjustment of the stopper rod in its vertical ...

Mod-Tundish Ladle 2

Series 1189 Mod-Tundish Ladle and Split Bottom Mod-Tundish Option for Ease of Maintenance

The Most Efficient, Economical Pour-Over Inoculation System Developed

The Mod-Tundish® Ductile Iron Treatment Ladle is industry-proven to minimize heat loss, provide uniform treatment, and minimize magnesium fuming with maximum recovery. A full outside teapot spout permits receiving, faster pour-out, and minimizes tramp inclusions in treated metal. Also, it’s ideal as a distribution ladle - minmizing temperature loss.

Ask about our Mod-Tundish® Ductile Iron Treatment Ladle today!

Maximum Recovery, Minimum Escape of Magnesium Fumes

Model “F” and “FA” Pouring Devices 2

Pouring Devices with Hand-Wheel Control

Handling hot-metal loads that extend beyond the range of hand-shank pouring demands the efficiency of MODERN geared Pouring Devices.

The large hand-wheel and efficient planetary gear system, as illustrated, relieves the pour-off-men of much back-breaking-work. Geared lifting of the molten metal affords maximum safety, too. A Weston type brake holds the ladle at any desired height. Turning the handwheel in a clockwise' direction raises the load. Turning counter-clock-wise quickly inches the load to its accurate lowered position over the sprue. Each machine is thoroughly tested. Moving parts are effectively guarded against the damaging effects of dust, shot and heat.

In every detail there’s nothing better than a MODERN geared ...

External Bearing Take Up Plugs for Back Lash

Heavy-Duty Geared Ladles

Six Sizes of Powerful Ladle Gearings to Power and Control your Modern Ladles

For the tilting and pouring of metal loads that range beyond the free, easy control of hand shanks there are MODERN, highly developed gearings.

All six sizes of gearing are secured to the hub of the worm wheel shaft and to the bail frame in a manner that causes all gearing weight to be transmitted into the bail frame and up to the Pouring Device, crane or hoist. The ladle bowl and shank ring are effectively relieved of gearing weight.

Trunnion housings, with their grease fittings, fully enclose the anti-friction bearings.

Gearings are fully enclosed in the gear housings.

Various sizes of hand wheels are available to reduce ...

Recommended Replacement Parts

Recommended Replacement Parts

Are you ready to take control of your hot metal handling equipment? The economy is on the rise, furnaces are kicking into high gear with more molten volume. It is time to evaluate your parts needs to keep your new and existing ladle equipment working properly. Modern Equipment Company is ready to help with all equipment and spare parts.

Most gearing parts and bearings are in stock allowing fast order turnaround. Need a recommended parts list for your ladle models? Contact us at

The following information will help us determine the exact parts required for your ladle:
  1. Gearing serial number(see picture at right for location)
  2. Ladle assembly number
  3. Your purchase order ...

Ladle and Gearing Rebuild Program

Ladle Repair And Rebuild Program

Program Benefits
  • Savings of up to 55% when compared to new
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Gear Boxes rebuilt using only OEM certified parts
  • No waiting for parts for reassembly
  • Fast turnaround
  • 90 day warranty on repaired items
Program Qualifications

All Standard Manual Modern Gear Boxes sizes “A” – “F” Apply. Any broken castings, worm gears, or bent handwheel shafts will be additional cost.

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