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Max Goldberg - Founder 1919

Max Goldberg, Founder -1919

Welcome to Modern Equipment, an organization that is rich in history and culture since its founding in 1919.

Modern Equipment Company’s name is synonymous with high quality products and innovations that have made manufacturers and metal casters more efficient and competitive in the global marketplace. Though we are primarily engaged in the foundry and diecasting business we also offer contract manufacturing with metal fabrication and assembly abilities. Additionally, we fabricate private label, custom machinery for some of the world’s most formidable brands. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative solutions including our Jet Melter® furnace, inert gas generators, foundry ladles, and contract manufacturing services.

History of the Company

As World War I came to an end, a new company, Modern Equipment, is born with the creation of their first ladle and pouring device. Located in Milwaukee, WI, Modern also manufactured monorail and trolley metal delivery systems.
During this period, Modern invents and patents numerous revolutionary, molten metal pouring devices. Modern also began its quest to design and build a mechanical "charging" system to improve the safety, efficiency and throughput of Iron Cupola production.

In 1922, Modern Equipment moved 25 miles north to Port Washington, WI. A larger facility was needed to meet growing demands. With this move also brought expansion to include a formal R&D program. In addition to the Port Washington facility, a second facility in Newburg is purchased.
The "Great Depression" brought extremely hard times to the US manufacturing base. Modern Equipment aided in the recovery of numerous suffering Iron plants through new technology. This is when Modern Equipment invented and installed the first automated Cupola charging systems in the metal casting industry. Prior to this point, all charge materials were loaded by hand.

Modern also became heavily involved in building more efficient cupolas than had been witnessed previously. These were daily campaign refractory lined units. Modern's ladles and pouring devices were now a household name with dominant market share.
The 1940's brought more innovations to the Iron sector through Modern's introduction of the Hot - Blast Cupola System. Though still a daily campaign furnace, the amount of coke needed was drastically reduced, again leading Modern's customers to higher profitability.
Modern further gains momentum by pioneering the high tonnage Recuperative Hot Blast, Liningless, Water-cooled Cupola. This drastic design change brought the first long - campaign systems to the automotive foundries, iron pipe shops, and other large and intermediate size production foundries. It also dramatically reduced the amount of energy required to melt iron. Modern has now designed, fabricated, and installed more Cupolas than any other manufacturer in the world.
Modern successfully develops its own line of high energy, venture type cupola gas scrubbers and related equipment in response to industry and government demands for improved control of particle and gaseous Cupola emissions. In 1965, the Alco Standard Corporation purchases Modern. Modern would now grow exponentially by receiving heavier capitalization.
Modern begins the exportation and installation of Cupolas all over the world.

In 1976 Modern acquires Gas Atmospheres (Est. 1949 in Cleveland, OH) and moves them north to Port Washington, WI. The Gas Atmospheres division designs and builds Nitrogen generators, Inert Gas Generators, and Co-generation systems for the heat treat, annealing, brazing, petrochemical, aseptic packaging, and agriculture industries.
The automotive industry starts identifying that aluminum is the metal of choice for much of the components in passenger cars. Modern builds partnership with Nippon of Japan to build Aluminum Stack Melting technology for the North American marketplace. The first awarded order for a Jet Melter® is placed in 1982 by Ford Motor Company.

ALCO Standard divests its manufacturing businesses creating a new employee-owned organization ALCO Industries, Inc, of which Modern is a wholly owned subsidiary.
Modern’s name has become synonymous with high efficiency aluminum melting systems and is recognized as being the most efficient method of melting aluminum. Though still identified the world over for their Cupolas systems and ladles, aluminum systems move to the forefront of the product line.
The new Millennium brought continued success to Moderns growth, which led to the decision to expand. In 2007, Modern Equipment moved from their home of 85 years, to a new 165,000ft2 facility nearby. The move enabled a whole new manufacturing setup that increased both capacity, as well as efficiency.
May 30, 2014
Dunes Point Capital, LLC announced that it has acquired the assets or stock of a group of industrial and chemical businesses, including Modern Equipment Company, owned by Alco Industries, Inc. See www.DunesPointCapital.com for more information.
Port Washington location begins manufacturing and distribution of standard and custom pressure vessels.
Business relocates to Appleton, WI.

Our Products

We design and manufacture aluminum melting and holding furnaces, foundry ladles, and gas generation systems.

We also provide custom contract manufacturing services, building electromechanical systems for food, water, waste, air, chemical, and gas processing.
Aluminum Melting Furnaces
Molten Metal Handling Solutions
Foundry Ladle Parts

Our Core Values: A passionate organization committed to providing exceptional technical products through effective project management as your invaluable partner.

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